Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Morning Earthquake Review (17th Spetember 2017)

A Very Good Day to you all!
Today September 17th of 2017, is a day where in the slies VENUS is Quincunx to CHIRON, Venus is also TRINE to JUPITER, and also the SUN is semi-sextile to Jupiter, and a day after, when  the Earth was square to MERCURY. Today the Moon will also oppose the S. Node, and MERCURY conjunct to MARS. The morning so far can be seen from the number of earthquakes so far, quiet morning, with no 5R event yet. The usual 4R events in Mexico and less in Chile, a bit of excitement in Honduras, and a 3.1 R in Yellowstone, may start again the stories about it. As far as our predictions for today, we would expect some activity also in Peru, Vanuatu and perhaps Botswana. We will see how it goes during the day.
In the meantime we wish you all a beatiful day.

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