Sunday, September 3, 2017


A 6.2R earthquake was just reported in North Korea! We have no further information but that the epicenter was 29km East of Sungjibaegam.
Below is the worst OLR anomaly chart over the last I could gather. It is a surprise that this 6.2R  size event was produced giving off  not  a very notable OLR anomaly. (Is it a real earthquake? :) )
Addition: Below also find our predicted data for possible  locations for an earthquake in N Korea. Our data shows some locations further South like in Idaho the error is similar. We were expecting an earthquake in China today but this is a borderline event to consider it as a chinese earthquake. Difficult to say.


Mw 6.2
Date time2017-09-03 03:30:02.8 UTC
Location41.32 N ; 129.13 E
Depth10 km
Distances351 km SE of Jilin, China / pop: 1,882,000 / local time: 11:30:02.8 2017-09-03
75 km SW of Ch’ŏngjin, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of / pop: 327,000 / local time: 12:00:02.8 2017-09-03
29 km E of Sŭngjibaegam, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of / pop: 11,800 / local time: 12:00:02.8 2017-09-03
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