Thursday, September 7, 2017

6.1R in Japan -->As expected.

We were expecting a large event today, and Japan was a country where was in our lists. The coordinates were not quite right, but we got the country right and the date.
A 6.1R in Bonin islands in Japan. Register if you wish to receive the coordinates of our predictions.


Mw 6.1
Date time2017-09-07 17:26:50.1 UTC
Location27.76 N ; 139.69 E
Depth469 km
Distances852 km S of Yokohama-shi, Japan / pop: 3,575,000 / local time: 02:26:50.1 2017-09-08
810 km S of Shizuoka-shi, Japan / pop: 702,000 / local time: 02:26:50.1 2017-09-08
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