Saturday, September 23, 2017

5.7R in Mindanao, Philippines, <----- Spot on

It seems the earlier Philippines event was a preable, this 5.7R is more serious and also closer to our prediction coordinates. A fantastic prediction of ours at (8.3N, 123.4E) less than one degree in all ordinates. Nice prediction here.

MagnitudeMw 5.7
Date time2017-09-23 20:47:09.6 UTC
Location7.70 N ; 124.97 E
Depth43 km
Distances80 km NE of Budta, Philippines / pop: 1,274,000 / local time: 04:47:09.6 2017-09-24
9 km NW of San Vicente, Philippines / pop: 2,400 / local time: 04:47:09.6 2017-09-24
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