Thursday, September 21, 2017

5.6R in PAPUA NEW GUINEA <-----'Exact' Prediction

An earthquake of magnitude 5.6R has been reported in Papua New Guinea at the location shown on the map above. We were expecting this on the day and what is more interesting to us here is the accuracy of our prediction.
Subscribers have received our prediction coordinates and for this event were (5.2S, 147.3E). The accuracy is (0.08 N,  0.56E) in degrees. This is approximately 65km from the epicenter. This by the way is not the best we have achieved. It is a result which approaches our target distance error.


Mw 5.6
Date time2017-09-20 22:13:36.2 UTC
Location5.12 S ; 147.86 E
Depth15 km
Distances484 km N of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea / pop: 284,000 / local time: 08:13:36.2 2017-09-21
202 km NE of Lae, Papua New Guinea / pop: 76,300 / local time: 08:13:36.2 2017-09-21
164 km N of Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea / pop: 1,100 / local time: 08:13:36.2 2017-09-21
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