Monday, September 11, 2017

11th September 2017: Planets today

A very Good Day to you all!
Just a quick look at the skies today as this is always useful especially at the start of the day!
Well what is special today? At a glance we see two events worthy of our attention.
1) Mercury is entering Virgo, and it is Mercury on Max. Declination!I think this is a strong position for Mercury an all Mercurian things in life. Mercury is building up to semisquare Jupiter and we expect some trumpets there when it does in a couple of days we also have Sun square Saturn.
2) Pallas is Station Retrograde from today. We may see some issues there due to this phenomenon in due course.

Today it has not fired up yet, all events are below 5R so far, and plenty of Doubles and Triples in Mexico, where the glass has cracked and we cannot stop the propagating crack.

Until later, Be Safe, Be Good,


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