Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Morning Review

A very G'day to you all!
Worth looking onto the sky today and see that we have the Sun in 26 Virgo, and Mercury Retro at 9 Virgo approaching faster and faster towards meeting the Sun on August 26/27th for a reverse conjunction. The Sun is also quincunx Chiron. The Moon being strong and Perigee has strongly influenced this morning with this powerful 6.4R in Fiji, with the conjunction over Venus, and semi-sextile to Mars.  Mars-Jupiter hextile was in fact the reason imo of the Fiji event.
Heliocentrically we have the Earth sextile Uranus and Saturn today, and semisquare to the Black Moon.
If we look at the morning's events we see the powerful 6.4R event in Fiji, and the other highlight is the 5.1R in S. Sandwich Islands. All other events are below 5R, including North Island  in New Zealand.

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