Saturday, August 5, 2017

Scotland hit by biggest earthquake in 30 years

Scotland has been hit by the biggest earthquake in 30 years.
The largest earthquake to be felt in the west Highlands of Scotland in more than three decades was recorded yesterday.
The British Geological Survey (BGS) recorded the magnitude 3.8 tremor in the Moidart area just before 3.45pm.
Biggest earthquake in 30 years hits Scotland on August 4 2017, Biggest earthquake in 30 years hits Scotland on August 4 2017 map, Biggest earthquake in 30 years hits western Scottish Highlands
It was the biggest earthquake in the region since there was a magnitude 4.1 quake near Oban in September 1986, officials noted.
On the latest event, the BGS stated: ‘This earthquake was felt widely across the west of Scotland.’

People in the area shared their experience of the rumble on Twitter.
One user said: ‘Think I just experienced a minor #earthquake, here on Ardnamurchan. West coast #Scotland. Anyone else feel it, my kitchen rumbled.’
Another said: ‘Just experienced 2 earthquake tremors here in Scotland.

Never felt anything like that, like the ground beneath us was exploding. Terrifying!’ SNP MP Margaret Ferrier also commented on the tremor, saying: ‘Largest earthquake in the region since 1986 #Moidart £Scotland.’
In recent years, there was a magnitude 3.5 earthquake in Glenuig in January 2011.
Scotland’s largest earthquake was a magnitude 5.2 event in Argyll in 1880, BGS said.
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