Monday, August 14, 2017

Morning Review, 14th August 2017

We have felt and we are in the Mercury station effects, and this has to do (broadly speaking)  with travel, communications, but I am sure some had experiences which are recognizable Mercurian. Today 14th August, Venus is semi sextile to Mars, and Moon sextile to Neptune, as well as Mercury is turning retrograde , revisiting some 11 degrees, the first ones in Virgo, before it turns around again. and go forth. Heliocentrically we have the Earthsquare Venus and semisquare Mercury for the next 4 days. So we will experience this too. Looking at the earthquake events, the morning started in the oceans, with a series of earthquakes peaking at 5.2R in Northern Mid- Atlantic Ridge. A fairly strong 4.7R in W. Turkey, then in Japan and finally Mexico.
Be Safe Be Good!

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