Saturday, August 26, 2017

ITALY: Number of Earthqakes

The plot above shows the number of earthquakes in Italy from January 2016 till today (26th August 2017). The number includes all earthquakes recorded in the EMSC public database.
We see the pre-August 2016 earthquake numbers were below 100. in July 2016 they recorded only 26! After this low number, August came with the 24th Aug. 6.2R event. Then followed the 26th and 30th October events. with plenty aftershocks in November. We see since then, since the November peaks a drop in the total numbersand August so far has shown 136 events across Italy.
When you see very low counts such as the June 2016 period, (quiescence period)  then something big just could be on the way.

Be Safe Be Good
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