Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 2017: Notable Planetary Considerations

Date: 1st August 2017
Period Covered: 1st -31st August 2017

This is our TWENTIETH brief  bulletin covering the period of 1st-31st August 2017 covering a summary of all the predictions already published but they are being brought together in this bulletin.

August is going to be very busy month earthquake wise. There are plenty of forces to consider when trying to see their influence across the globe. This month as far as concerned events and aspects , is probably the busiest month of the year. This month is unique within the year 2017, and takes this position by examining the planetary highlights seen in the August skies which can be listed here below. Just to give you a summary, this month we have: Uranus Station,  follows a Lunar Eclipse, then Mercury Station, then a Solar Eclipse, finally followed by Saturn Station. There are plenty of others aspects to consider.

The first to note is that during 1st -10th August, the aspect JUPITER SQUARE PLUTO holds.

1st August 2017 Moon Trine Chiron, Quincunx Uranus       
2nd August 2017 URANUS Station Retrograde, Uranus on MAX declination
3rd August 2017  Lunar APOGEE, Moon trine Jupiter
4th August 2017  Moon opposite Venus, Jupiter Square Pluto
5th August 2017  Moon MIN Declination, MARS Apogee, Sun quincunx Neptune,  sesquiquadrate Chiron
6th August 2017  VENUS on MAX Declination, Moon Square Uranus,
                           Moon Trine Chiron semisquare Neptune
7th August 2017  Moon Opposite Sun, LUNAR ECLIPSE, Moon opposite Mars Venus and Ceres

9th August 2017    Sun quincunx Pluto
10th August 2017  Mercury sextile Venus, Mars quincunx Neptune, Sun sextile Jupiter
11th August 2017  Uranus semisquare Neptune
12th August 2017  MERCURY STATION Retro, Venus trine Neptune
13th August 2017  Sun trine Saturn, Black Moon
14th August 2017  Venus semi sextile Mars, Moon sextile Neptune
15th August 2017  Moon Square SUN, Venus opposite Pluto, Moon sextile Chiron
16th August 2017  Mercury MIN Declination, Mars quincunx Pluto
17th August 2017  Sun conjunct N Node.
18th August 2017  LUNAR MAX Declination, Moon sextile Mercury, Venus, Ceres,
                             quincunx Black Moon
19th August 2017  LUNAR Perigee, Sun quincunx Chiron
20th August 2017  Sun trine Uranus
21th August 2017  Moon conjunct N Node. SOLAR ECLIPSE, Sun trine Uranus. Jupiter
                              sextile Saturn and Black Moon
22th August 2017  Moon Conjunct SUN, Mars trine Black Moon, Saturn
23th August 2017  Moon square Saturn, Bl. Moon
24th August 2017 Mercury Perigee , Venus trine Chiron, Venus Square Uranus, trine  Chiron sesquiquadrate Neptune
25th August 2017 SATURN STATION Pro,
26th August 2017  MARS Conj. NNode, Sun conjunct Mercury
27th August 2017  Mercury Conjunct Sun, Moon trine Neptune, Moon semisquare Saturn
28th August 2017  Moon square Mars, Mercury semisextile Venus
29th August 2017  Moon Square Sun, Sun semisquare Jupiter
30th August 2017  Lunar Apogee
31st August 2017   Moon conj.Saturn, Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn


ALL MONTH we have present the aspects as a Background.
  • 1)      JUPITER---SUN---URANUS Alignment  and
  • 2)      SATURN---SQUARE---CHIRON, 
  • 4)      SATURN---TRINE---URANUS.

1st August 2017         
2nd August 2017 EARTH Semisquare Saturn and Chiron
3rd August 2017 
4th August 2017  EARTH semisextile Neptune, Mercury sesquisquare Mars
5th August 2017   
6th August 2017  EARTH semisquare Mercury and Black Moon
7th August 2017  EARTH semisquare Mercury and Black Moon, LUNAR ECLIPSE
8th August 2017  EARTH semisquare Mercury and Black Moon
9th August 2017 
10th August 2017  EARTH semisextile Pluto
11th August 2017 
12th August 2017 
13th August 2017  URANUS-Moon-EARTH Alignment
14th August 2017  EARTH Square VENUS and semisextile MERCURY
15th August 2017  EARTH Square VENUS and semisextile MERCURY
16th August 2017  EARTH Square VENUS and semisextile MERCURY, Jup Sq. Mercury
17th August 2017  EARTH Square VENUS and semisextile MERCURY
18th August 2017  EARTH sextile Uranus and SATURN and semisquare Black Moon
19th August 2017  EARTH sextile Uranus and SATURN and semisquare Black Moon, VENUS-MOON-EARTH alignment
20th August 2017  EARTH Trine JUPITER, EARTH-MOON-PARTIAL SUN-MARS  alignment
21th August 2017  EARTH Trine JUPITER. SOLAR ECLIPSE, EARTH-MOON-MARS  Alignemnt
22th August 2017  EARTH Trine JUPITER EARTH semisextile Black Moon,                    NEPTUNE-EARTH-MOON-partial MERCURY Alignment
23th August 2017  EARTH semisextile Black Moon, EARTH-MOON-MERCURY  Alignemnt
24th August 2017  EARTH-MOON-JUPITER Alignment
25th August 2017 
26th August 2017 
27th August 2017 
28th August 2017  EARTH-MERCURY-SUN Alignemnt
29th August 2017 EARTH-MOON-SATURN alignment
30th August 2017 
31th August 2017 


This is a month we expect very strong earthquakes across the globe.
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