Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sharks in Ibaraki! (Japan)

Sharks have been spotted near the coast of Ibaraki in Japan!  Note that today we have had a strong earthquake in Japan.

A prefectural police helicopter in the patrol confirmed that about 30 sharks were swimming at Kujihama Beach, Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, around November 19. According to the prefecture, there is no information on injured people by shark so far. The beach will be opened after safety confirmation on the morning of 20th.
According to the prefectural tourism and goods department, when a fisherman captured several sharks and asked the staff of the Aqua World Oarai Aquarium to see, the shark was quiet and confirmed as a "dozai shark" without hitting people. The shark's dot is the largest and the total length is 1.5 meters. He likes shallow water and swims near the ocean floor.
The prefecture will skip the prefectural disaster prevention helicopter from Saturday, Saturday, Sunday and holiday and plan to visit the prefecture's coast from the sky.

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