Friday, July 21, 2017

Registration Ensures you Receive Further Predictions.

Dear Reader,
Our research has progressed in leaps and bounds as you can see from the many successful earthquake predictions over the relative short time the blog has been operating. This has been a real time testing in many ways of our new researches which are based on the use of Fibonacci Maths and Planetary configurations.  We live in an imperfect world however and we have reached a stage where some people may consider this precision wrongly as an attempt to spread fear to people. In order to avoid this and other possible misundrstandings, we have decided to move into a simple registration system which allows us to send individuals upon request only our research findings. This way you receive it only if you register and you can also request to delete your registration if you decide you do not want any more information. Every month we create country calendars, and also we try to regularly send coordinates of possible epicenters. All this you can have it and view it personally upon registration and we do not upset anybody who may consider the public distribution of our research findings as inaccurate and spreading fear. So we will try to see if this registration scheme works better for the benefit of everybody. Please read and register by following the instructions on this link if you wish to be informed further on prediction results of our research.

Thank you for your understanding.

Be Safe Be Good!
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