Sunday, July 9, 2017

Extreme winds and downpours wreak havoc near Dubai in the United Arab Emirates: Dead camels, new rivers forming

Parts of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) took an extreme bashing after relentless stormy weather caused havoc over the weekend.

Look at some distressing images from the weather anomaly that engulfed the desert near Dubai.

While we may be experiencing low visibility and high humidity here in Dubai, other parts of the UAE have been hit with some severe weather conditions.The following videos and images were taken on the Al Ain Road over last weekend. The area saw relentless rainfall and heavy winds, it’s hard to believe this is happening in the UAE. This is like the apocalypse:

And here a few pictures showing the consequences of the extreme weather in the UAE:

storm uae, storm uae july 2017
An injured camel in UAE.
storm uae, storm uae july 2017
The storm was so powerful that it killed camels fleeing in the desert.
storm uae, storm uae july 2017
Another dead camel ater the heavy storm near Dubai.
storm uae, storm uae july 2017
The last trees standing didn’t resist the power of the winds.
storm uae, storm uae july 2017
Een the power poles have been totally damaged.
storm uae, storm uae july 2017
Extreme weather warning is under effect for the week-end south east of Dubai in the UAE. via Twitter
Anomalous weather apocalypse in the United Arab Emirates.

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