Sunday, July 30, 2017

Earthquake Activity this Morning!

Good Day to you all!
This brief note is just to have a recap on the activity so far. As posted yesterday, the sun-spots are on all time minimum, and so is the overall earthquake activity, it is modulated down. This means in ym understanding that an earthquake event would have been stronger if we have had different sun conditions. The debate on this is not clear yet, in as far as is it the planets that affect the sun behavious or the Sun affects everything else.
Today we see a quiet morning. Only two >5R events.The day started with Taiwan and Tonga with minors, Fiji reminding us it is a hot spot, the Caribbean today has shown activity with 4.4R. Komandrskiye Ostrova and Columbia, a small shake in Dodecanese, the surprise one in Uganda, and finally BOLIVIA. I would lie to stress this last one. Bolivia is a candidate for a much stronger event in August in my book. The border region with Chile, is particularly vulnerable. Time will tell if it materialises. All in all we have had a series of event, which are borderline to 5R,  which normally would have been stronger, but due to the subdued background we have them lower. Thats all for now. Just to wishe you Be Safe Be Good! 

Just a note for newcomers. When we refer here 'morning' or any other time of the day, it is always based on Greenwich Mean Time, GMT. This is because all earthquakes are being posted and recorded using this time. 

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