Sunday, June 4, 2017

West Sumatra's Mt. Marapi Erupts Three Times Today

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Marapi Mount in West Sumatra erupted again today (4/6). Until this afternoon, the mountain situated in Agam Regency has erupted three times.
Bukittinggi Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Agency (PVMBG) observer Bujang said that the first eruption occurred at 10:10 in the morning by spewing 300-400 meters high of volcanic ashes. "It was followed by the next eruption at 10:22 in the morning with 600 to 700 meters high of volcanic ashes," Bujang added on Sunday (4/6).
The third eruption took place at 10.46 with volcanic ashes up to 400 meters. Bujang explained that the biggest eruption was the second taking place at 10:22 AM. He added that seismic reading was detected during the eruption. The amplitude of the seismic waves was 6 milimiters with 22 to 35 seconds of earthquake duration.
The status of hazard of Marapi was issued from Agustus 2011 through PVMBG recommendation letter number 1385/45/BGL.V/2011 on 3 August 2011 on the increase of Gunung Marapi status from (level I) to alert (level II). Until now, the status has not been revoked.

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