Monday, June 19, 2017


Good Day to all of you!
This is just a morning recap of the earthquake situation across the globe. We can see from the list above that ove the last day and a half globally we have had ONLY one 5.1R earthquake is just very low count. Over the last 3 years, from 1-6-2014 to now, 18-6-2017, we have had 4866 5R earthquakes. (That is of magnitude between 5 and 6R). So roughly this is should correspond to the earth receiving an average between 4 to 5 per day!
We now have hardly one per day. This is why I have been saying in my predictions that we are going via a period of reduced activity. Often we expect stronger events but they arrive lower.  Of course this is good in that it is a peaceful time, and we have fewer problems. Not to complain about. Just observing whats going on. At the same time, we all know this is not going to last. So when things trigger we get a 6R event and we fell wao this is strong! But of course the world has seen worse. It is just we get used to the peace and then suddenly it is ruined. The quiet period before a strong earthquake onset, often reported as Quiescence Period has been studied extensively, see typical examples in the references below,


As far as I am concerned, quiescence means that the balance of the planetary forces on earth are balanced and when the planets move to imbalance then we see the strong earthquakes coming up again.

Be Safe Be Good!
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