Thursday, June 15, 2017

Planets today! The Neptune Effect

The planetary alignments can be seen in this figure, where we see a number of important alignments going on. As you see I think NEPTUNE is a culpit from a few days but tomorrow is totally station! This means as far as earth is concerned, any resonant forces between earth and Neptune have time to amplify and therefore this is like excerting a force but not instantly but over extended period. This period I estimate could be 3 days one before and one after the station day. As a result the station planet often not always can show enhanced earthquake phenomena. Neptune actually has quincunx with Jupiter, it is not a full alignment. BUT the Moon is about to trigger this aspect so I expect a strong earthquake to arrive soon.
Another alignment can be seen here Saturn Earth Sun, and Uranus Sun Jupiter. I do not dicuss here angles other than 180 degrees. So.....within a few days, if not within tomorrow when the moon trigers we should see strong earthquakes due to Neptune.  (Curiously it is known that Neptune represents the Sea. It will be interesting to see if a strong event comes in the sea. I can easily find out the planetary links of earthquakes so we will keep an eye on this out of interest).

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