Thursday, May 4, 2017

Worried about Mars?

The Martians are coming! Science fiction was a source of imagination and fear as well as great read when I was a kid. All tlk about Venus but what about Mars and Mercury? Mercury's unhappy retrograde passage in Aries caused missery aggressive distructive vibes and words, and as Mercury bypassed Uranus, was like a criminal revisiting his crime. He did so, and has decided to stop think about it that it takes him to nowhere, and he sits down now at 24 Aries like a boystrous child sucking his thump and decides to be sensible and  human and kind again. Mercury decided to become good again and will do so and move on again and tru to make up with uranus on his travels in heavens. Mercury is in Mars territory and Mars is in Mercurian House. It is like be good in my house and I will be good in yours. Mars and Mercury are at each others and therefore there is a balance. This mutual relation and balance is not always destructive, provided there is logic and compromise. So if you are in negotiations this is the way. So mercury is having second thoughts, Mars in in Mercurian grounds opposite Black Moon, and they should and could negotiate a truce. This is the picture of Mercury. And then we have the Moon. Moon late tonight will trigger Mercury Uranus and this can be good or bad. Whatever this is there should be celebrations with fireworks, and tonight we should get a couple of good earthquakes, celebrating Mercury's change of mind, making up with Mars, and Mercury's apologising to Uranus accepted.  Be Safe be Good! :)

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