Thursday, May 18, 2017

South Africa Neutron Monitor gets excited!

The South Africa TSUMEB Neutron monitor has fired up today and fears surface on some earthquake activity coming up.

Our published predictions from beginning of May have first predicted to expect something especially tomorrow, 19th May. See also out published predictions here.

TSUMEB Neutron Monitor
School of Physics North-West University
Potchefstroom Campus
Private Bag X6001
2520 Republic of South Africa
Latitude: -19.20S
Longitude: 17.58E
Altitude: 1240 m
Rigidity (1965): 9.21 GV
Standard atmoshperic pressure: 880.0 mb
Barometric coefficient (2004): -0.701%/mb
SF=100; Counts rate 20070 counts/min.

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