Tuesday, May 23, 2017

4.3R in Chile <---Spot on

Just a degre in one direction off is our prediction for Chile this morning....
Rather close to Santiago, but off the shore, this 4.3R was registered a few hours ago.

Chile (26.2S, 71.2W) (33.3S, 71.2W)


ML 4.3
Date time2017-05-23 01:05:13.0 UTC
Location32.94 S ; 72.07 W
Depth24 km
Distances144 km NW of Santiago, Chile / pop: 4,838,000 / local time: 21:05:13.0 2017-05-22
43 km W of Valparaíso, Chile / pop: 283,000 / local time: 21:05:13.0 2017-05-22
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