Friday, May 19, 2017

Double 3.3 R in Central Italy <---As predicted

A small 3.3 earthquake has registered in Central Italy (see maps above) near a place called Maltignano. This is a surface earthquake of depth only 1km and we know they can be very damaging.  A small earthquake but in the cluster area near the problem region bringing memories of the deadly earthquake of recent. We expected this yestreday so it is a few hours from spot on.
Let us hope this is all we get today in Italy.


ML 3.3
Date time2017-05-19 04:46:54.5 UTC
Location42.76 N ; 13.20 E
Depth1 km
Distances113 km NE of Roma, Italy / pop: 2,564,000 / local time: 06:46:54.5 2017-05-19
48 km N of L’Aquila, Italy / pop: 68,600 / local time: 06:46:54.5 2017-05-19
14 km NE of Maltignano, Italy / pop: 2,600 / local time: 06:46:54.5 2017-05-19
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