Saturday, April 15, 2017

Venus Station Prograde

The long awaited Venus Station Prograde has come today. Venus was retrograde since March 3rd this year. A difficult time for a lot of people. The extra difficulty here was and is that Venus is Square with Saturn, it perfected the square and will revisit the square in a few days April 20th. However this time it will be prograde better natured. The conjuction with Chiron holds with Venus, as is the sextile of Venus with Mars. The aggressive nature od Venus here has two dimensions one the station and the other Mars. Hence we saw a  6.5R event today. This can be repeated in April 20th but Venus should be in better state so maybe it wont be a 6.5R we will see. As April approaches to a close 25th-26th we have Mercury to worry about as it conjuncts Uranus and is Retrograde. This is a different story to be continued. Be Safe Be Good.

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