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Date: 1st April 2017
Period Covered: 1st -30st April 2017

This is our SEVENTEENTH brief  bulletin covering the period of 1st-30th April 2017 covering a summary of all the predictions already published but they are being brought together in this bulletin.
We have the following notables during this period.

1st April 2017             Mercury-Greatest Elongation, Venus semisqare Mars, Mercury
                                   semisextile  Venus                                                     
2nd April 2017            Moon square Chiron, Mercury trine Node     
3rd April 2017              Moon square Sun, Moon greatest northern declination
4th April 2017              Mars quincunx Jupiter, Moon square Uranus,
                                    Pluto greatest northern declination
5th April 2017             Mars quincunx Jupiter, Saturn Station Retro
6th April 2017             Pallas sesquisquare Node,
7th April-2017             Jupiter opposite Sun, Sun sesquisquare Node, Moon conjunct Node           
8th April 2017             Jupiter opposite Sun
9th April 2017             Sun square Pluto, Jupiter Perigee, Mercury Station Retro,
10th April 2017           Venus square Saturn, Mercury greatest northern declination
11th April 2017           Sun Opposite Moon (Full M), Uranus opposite Sun.
12th April 2017           Saturn square Venus
13th April 2017           Saturn square Venus
14th April 2017           Uranus conj Sun, Venus Station Progr., Saturn square Venus,
                                    Moon square NNode.
15th April 2017           Uranus apogee, Moon Apogee, Mars sextile Venus, Chiron,
                                    Venus conj. Chiron
16th April 2017           Sun semisextile Chiron and Venus, Moon trine Uranus,
                                    Moon conj Saturn
17th April 2017           Saturn quincunx Mars, Sun trine Saturn, Chiron sextile Ceres, Mars
18th April 2017           Moon greatest Southern declination
19th April 2017           Moon square Mercury, Mercury Trine Node, Moon quinc. Node
20th April 2017           Moon Square Sun, Sun and Merc in Taurus, Mercury conj Sun,
                                   Pluto Station Retro
21st April 2017           Moon conj S. Node, Moon square Ceres and Mars,
                                    Mars square Node
22nd April 2017          Mercury semisq. Neptune,  Mars square Node, Mars in Gemini
23rd April 2017          Mercury perigee, Mercury trine Saturn, Venus conj Pallas, 
                                   Venus and Pallas both square Saturn
24th April 2017           Jupiter semisq. NNode, Jupiter sesquisq. Ceres
25th April 2017           Venus quincunx Node
26th April 2017           Moon conj Sun (New M)
27th April 2017           Sun quincunx Black Moon
28th April 2017           Moon perigee, Venus greatest Southern declination
29th April 2017
30th April 2017           Saturn square Chiron


1st April 2017              Earth quincunx Neptune, Jupiter square Pluto,
                                    Vesta sesquisq. Chiron           
2nd April 2017
3rd April 2017
4th April 2017
5th April 2017             Jupiter square Pluto, Venus sextile Saturn Earth semiquare Mercury
6th April 2017             Uranus opposite Venus, Jupiter square Pluto and Earth
7th April 2017             Venus quincunx Chiron, Mercury square Mars, 
                                   Mercury semisquare Venus, Venus sesquisq.Mars
8th April 2017             Mars square Neptune, Neptune sesquisq.Earth
9th April 2017
10th April 2017           Mercury quincunx Uranus, Mercury opposite Chiron,
                                   Venus quincunx Black Moon
11th April 2017           Earth sextile Saturn
12th April 2017
13th April 2017           Earth opposite Uranus
14th April 2017           Earth opposite Uranus, Earth quincunx Black moon
15th April 2017
16th April 2017           Venus sesquisq. Black Moon, Earth sesquisq. Chiron,
                                    Mercury square Pluto
17th April 2017           Venus trine neptune
18th April 2017           Mercury opposite Uranus
19th April 2017           Mercury sesquisq. Neptune, Venus sesquisq. Bl. Moon,
                                    Earth quincunx Pallas
20th April 2017
21st April 2017           Mars quinc. Pluto, Mars quinc. Venus, Mars sesquisq. Mercury
22nd April 2017          Mars trine Jupiter
23rd April 2017          Mars trine Jupiter, Mars sesquisq.Earth, Mercury sesquisq. Chiron
24th April 2017          
25th April 2017           Venus trine Chiron, Venus quincunx Uranus,
                                    Earth sesquisq. Mars, Mars trine Jupiter
26th April 2017
27th April 2017           Mars quincunx Mercury, Earth semisquare Jupiter
28th April 2017           Venus trine Black Moon, Merc. Trine Chiron, Merc. Quinc. Uranus
29th April 2017           Saturn opposite Mars, Earth sesquisq. Bl. Moon,
                                    Venus trine Black Moon
30th April 2017           Venus semisquare Pluto

The following is earthquake prediction calendars for a selection of regions/countries, for April 2017.














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