Monday, April 10, 2017

5.7R in Philippines!

A very strong 5.7R has just been reported in Philippines! Luckily it is 138km from Pondaguitan.
 Below is our Philippines Calendar, an we can see this looks like it has come early. As you can see there is a ramp up to the 11th according to this.


M 5.7
Date time2017-04-10 10:38:53.8 UTC
Location5.66 N ; 127.21 E
Depth60 km
Distances236 km SE of Davao, Philippines / pop: 1,213,000 / local time: 18:38:53.8 2017-04-10
181 km SE of Mati, Philippines / pop: 106,000 / local time: 18:38:53.8 2017-04-10
138 km SE of Pondaguitan, Philippines / pop: 2,200 / local time: 18:38:53.8 2017-04-10
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