Saturday, March 25, 2017

Warning Wellington could split into seven 'islands' if severe earthquake strikes

Wellington could be split into seven separate "islands" if a magnitude 7.5 earthquake strikes the city, town disaster planners have said.
Wellington disaster planners are preparing for the possibility of a split in fears a rupture along the Wellington Falt will cause severe damage to roads and water links.
There are fears a severe quake would leave central, eastern and southern suburbs cut off from the rest of the Welington region.
The seven "islands" wouldn't be separated by water, but infrastructure, main roads, medical assistance and water access could see some suburbs out of action for four months.hey are estimating up to 150 people could lose their lives while another 700 could face serious injury.
Health board members were briefed on the matter and told medical staff would be overwhelmed and working from remote locations would be a possibility if a split occurred.
The "seven islands" description was born from Civil Defence following the magnitude 7.8 Kaikoura quake.
According to GNS Science, the Wellington Fault last ruptured between 170 and 370 years ago and there is a 10 per cent chance it could happen again before the year 2100.
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