Friday, March 24, 2017

Ministry of forest told to supply timber to victims of earthquake

Following complaints from quake victims over the lack of timber to rebuild their houses, NRA Chief Executive Govinda Pokhrel summoned Forest Secretary Prakash Mathema, Director General of Forest Department Krishna Prasad Acharya and General Manager of Timber Corporation of Nepal (TCN) Raju Laudari on Thursday. 
“Either you amend the working procedure or seek our support to speak up at the Cabinet,” a source quoted Pokharel as telling the officials. “You need to manage distribution of the timber and transportation facilities to the headquarters of the quake affected districts at affordable prices.”
At the meeting, the officials assured that proper homework and initiatives would be taken to provide timber to the affected households in time and at an affordable price.  Pokharel also requested the TCN to expand their branches to ease the timber distribution.  
The participation of the District Forest Product Supply Committee, the TCN and private sectors can go a long way, said Pokharel.
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