Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Disaster Relief For Floods In Peru I have ben asked to help out on this one so I post it in case some feel close to it.

Peru needs our help!On and off since December 2016, Peru has been experiencing intense floods. On March 14th, 2017 intense rains and mudslides created devastating floods across the country. Thousands have been affected! So far, 67 people killed, 115,000 homes damaged, 117 bridges collapsed and many roadways damaged. Farms, property, businesses, jobs, supplies, food, and homes have been destroyed. All donations will go directly towards purchasing food, medicines, water filters, building materials, tools, menstrual cups, and whatever else is needed. We need your donations as soon as possible! Jenny Juceviciute will fly to Peru on Thursday, March 23rd & should be on the Ground by Friday, March 24th. Jenny will fill her luggage with water filters, medicines, menstrual cups, and other essentials and will purchase whatever is available locally in Peru. All travel expenses have already been purchased from Jenny's personal funds. Some water filters and medical supplies have already been purchased by Blossomwood Foundation. The damage in Peru is uncalculatable, they need a tremendous amount of support! Please, help us! All donations make a difference! Thank you.
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