Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Planets Today (7th February)

Looking at some angles today, from todays chart above, and happenings around me, I cant help but remembering Charles Carter's seminar works on Medical Astrology.  This memory was assisted by an outbreak of neumonic and resporatory deseases around us, and even myself got afflicted and luckily I am ok. Recently, back on 28th January we have had Venus Square Saturn. Carter says for Bronchitis, there are nearly always Vunus-Saturn afflictions involving the 3rd house by occupancy or rulership. How true and there have been deaths because of it from acquaintances. So if you know someone ill with Bronchitis remember the planets Venus and Saturn assisted. This is not over yet as we today in the above chart we have Venus semisquare Sun, so it seems this is not over yet and drags on for a bit. Just a thought and hope you keep well. Be Safe Be Good!

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