Sunday, February 26, 2017

'Quake-Weather 28th February 2017': A Global Earthquake Review

In this and similar reports we will be examining the global "earthquake weather", and we will be reporting where on the world our technique shows higher probability of siesmic vulnerability. Although we can do this for each and every one country by now, due to time contraints, the nature of the research, (we will be testing variant ideas), we will be listing out a few across the world. We hope this is useful to you, and certainly it will help us improve our techniques.

Using our methods we can deduce that for 28th February 2017, the following quakeweather and the following regions appear to be vulnerable to siesmic activity. Our experience shows that the time event tolerance can be +-1 day, and therefore it is worth keeping the list for 2 days as an event in the list could sometimes materialise the next day and sometimes the late hours of the previous day.

Last day of the Month today we expect to have subdued action, compared to 27th February.   Notable Geocentric Aspects are Jupiter opposite to uranus, and Heliocentrically we have Venus is in Trine with Uranus, and quincunx with Chiron, Mars is square to Mercury and Saturn is quincunx to Mars. 
The following are some coordinates we produced using our methods.

  • Oklahoma (37N, 36N, 97W)
  • Mexico (26N,108W), (18N, 97W), (32N, 116W)
  • California (37N, 122.5W) 
  • Peru (17.8S, 71W)

EUROPE: Quiet really, we could see more activity perhaps in Greece 
  • Italy (41N, 15E)
  • Greece (37N, 22E)

ASIA/AUSTRALIA:   The possible countries which could come up are shown below. Not all of them I expect to fire up as we use a mix of predictive methods.
  • Iran (36.2N, 52.6E), (33N, 52.6E)
  • Pakistan (25.6N, 67E), (32.8N, 71E)
  • Bangladesh (23N, 93E)
  • Solomon Islands, (6.7S, 156.2E)
  • Vanuatu, (18S, 172E)
  • PNG (3S, 153E)

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