Friday, February 24, 2017

24th February today, let us look at our solar system!

Good Day to all of you! I hope the day has had a good start today for you all! 24th February and this month is nearly spent out! Only 4 days before march and Spring comes along! Today, and for the next two days we will see Mars approaching Uranus in a geocentric alignment. in Aries. Do be careful this one is all fiery! People may snap up and behave badly!! So be prepared, be strong. This alignment is also opposite Jupiter. Tug of war here and  we have unhappy Venus approaching as well, we are in for emotional times and earthquake times. Jupiter also is quincunx Chiron, are ganging up against Jupiter.  Mercury is a bit behind not to be ignored but accelerates having heard the rumours to join in the party in Pisces and then by mid March in Aries. So tense times but Jupiter is strong and we will overcome. :)
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  1. what a waste website? I have been tracking my state Manipur and some parts of India for earthquake alerts through this website. Several big quake took placed but non mentioned in this website. So sorry to leave you bad comments on some unhappening events.

    1. Well, we are trying to improve. You can shop around until you find a better site ...