Friday, January 20, 2017

Quake-Weather Review for Tomorrow, 21st January 2017?

Using our methods we can deduce that for tomorrow, 21st January 2017 we have the following countries/regions of vulnerability for an earthquake event.

  • Chile (19.2S, 70.5W, 72.1W)
  • China  (36.4N, 40.1N, 82.2E)  (40.1N, 72.2E)
  • Ecuador (1.5S, 2.5S, 81.5W, 82.5W)
  • Fiji  (17.5S, 177.2E)
  • France (49.4N, 0.5E)
  • Greece  (36.4N, 22.4E) (36.2N, 27.1E)
  • Pakistan/Afghanistan  (28.1N, 70.2E)
  • Philippines  (7.5N, 121.4E)
  • Tonga   (21.4S, 172.W, 177.2W)
  • Vanuatu    (17.5S, 170.4E)
  • Peru    (17.6S, 72W)
  • Pakistan/Afghanistan (36.4N, 66.4E) (32.35N, 65.1E)
  • Solomon Islands (8.1S, 10.7S, 157.2E, 160.2E) 
  • Taiwan (25.1N, 121.4E)
  • British Columbia   (49.2N, 122.3W) (53.1N,  127.5W)
  • Turkey  (40.2N, 44.5E)
  • Guatemala  (14.3S, 92.5W)
  • Mexico  (26.5S,  109.5W)

You can read our methodology here.

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