Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Which Country Tomorrow, 18th January 2017?

Geocentrically, Mars is quincunx Jupiter and Heliocentrically Mercury square Pluto, trine Venus, using our methods we can deduce that for tomorrow, 18th January 2017 we have the following countries/regions of vulnerability for strong earthquake event.

  •  California (39.48N,122.67W, 121.13W) or (37.27N, 122.67W, 121.13W)
  • Equador  (2.2S, 82.2W)
  • Greece  (37.2N,22.2E, 22.4E) small
  • Indonesia (1.9S,113.2E), (2.16S, 121.8E), (7.1S, 107.1E)
  • Japan  (37.1N,140.5E),(32.2N,134.6E), (39.45N,142.2E)
  • Mexico (31.45N,114.3W), (24.5N, 112.63W), (16.25N,97.51W), (21.97N,106.1W)
  • Oklahoma  (36.8N, 97.2W)
  • Pakistan/Afhanistan (36.8N, 73.01E)
  • PNG    (7.3S, 148E), (2.8S,152.3E)
  • Philippines      (16.86N, 122.5E),  (16.86N, 121.31E)
  • Vanuatu       (17.5S, 163.23E)
  • Solomon Islands (7.3S,157.4E)
  • Peru  (16.6S, 73.4W)
  • Taiwan if it comes (24.5N, 121.13E)
  • Fiji (if it comes then (17.7S, 177.6E)
  • Chile

You can read our methodology here.

Disclaimer, trine Venus
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  1. Hi do you still think there is a probability for ecuador ???...thanls for the info.