Saturday, January 7, 2017

Which Countries Tomorrow? (8th January 2017)

Using our methods we can deduce that for tomorrow, 8th January 2017 we have the following countries/regions of vulnerability for some good earthquake event.

The list of countries our method derived are as follows:

  • Tonga,  (21.2S, 173.3E )
  • Vanuatu  (18.2S, 168.3E)
  • Taiwan  (21N,  121E)
  • Solomon Islands (8.2N, 156.2E or 158. 4E)
  • Japan (41.3N, 134E )
  • Italy  (44.2N, 11.3E)
  • Greece  (38.2N, 21.2E or 23.4E)
  • Chile  (30 or 38S, 71.3W)
  • Bangladesh (41.3N, 26.3E or30.3E)
  • Bosphorus (41.3N, 26.3E)  
You can read our methodology here.

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