Thursday, January 12, 2017

Which Countries Tomorrow? (13th January 2017)

On a day where the Earth is SQUARE URANUS and MARS, using our methods we can deduce that for tomorrow, 13th January 2017 we have the following countries/regions of vulnerability for strong earthquake event.

Here is some of the possible earthquakes for tomorrow according to our method.

    • Mexico  (29.4N,112.28W) or (19.5N,100.6W)
    • Papua New Guinea   (7.4S,145.2E) or (10.2S,149.3E)
    • Oklahoma  North Border (no time for specifics today, maybe tomorrow)
    • Tonga
    • Bangladesh (peaks 14th Jan.)
    • California  (peaks 14th) if tomorrow, then 1) nea LA and the other (40.2N,124.3W)
    • Ecuador  (0.47S,78.9W)
    • Japan (34.4N,139.42E)
    • New Zealand (peaked 13th) if it comes today, South Island (44.27S,171.99E or 172.3E) OR (144.3S,170.47E)
    • Solomon Islands
    •  Vanuatu (peaks 14th)
    No time for more coordinates today....

     You can read our methodology here.

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    1. Is the second set of nz coordinates supposed to read 44.27S,171.99E? You have put 144.27S,171.99E cheers tom