Monday, January 9, 2017

Nunavut hit by magnitude 5.8 earthquake

A magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck around 89 km southeast of the Inuit hamlet of Resolute in Nunavut, according to the U.S. Geological Survey and Earthquakes Canada.
The quake was detected at 5:47 pm, with its epicentre located in the Barrow Strait waterway. It was initially measured at magnitude 6.4 before being downgraded.

An Earthquakes Canada seismologist told Global News that there is likely little cause for major concern given the distance of the epicentre from Resolute.
“I would expect the damage to be pretty minor, if there was any,” Nick Ackerley said.
Resolute has a population of around 240, and is the second most northerly community in Canada.


Mw 5.8
Date time2017-01-08 23:47:14.0 UTC
Location74.36 N ; 92.29 W
Depth33 km
Distances1903 km NW of Nuuk, Greenland / pop: 14,800 / local time: 20:47:14.0 2017-01-08
2796 km NW of Reykjavík, Iceland / pop: 114,000 / local time: 23:47:14.0 2017-01-08
3328 km N of Ottawa, Canada / pop: 813,000 / local time: 18:47:14.0 2017-01-08
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