Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Clouds over Kathmandu!

We show you an animation we created for the clouds scene over Kathmandu, using daily periods and NASA satellite images. Kathmandu is located in the middle of the images approximately. The dates of the images are shown. Unfortunately the animations are not that slow. The reason clouds are of interest, (as I have said before), is that clouds can be under some circumstances be linked to earthquakes. Since cloud images are easy to get, this is a really cheap precursor for some. So ok not the best indicator as you need to spot anomalies, but as I said it is cheap to have, and localised. If you want to find more Google the name of the researcher, a Russian named Doda. you will freely find the references. So what about clouds over Kathmandu then? here my worry is the cloud at approx. 1st January. I did say in December last that unlike some doomers gloomers Nepal was unlikely to get a good strong earthquake >5R in December. We did not get one. However the picture changes in 2017. I will be keeping an eye on Nepal and especially Kathmandu. I fear for February in Kathmandu more than other times, but this remains to be studied. We should get some event in January hopefully on the dates of my calendar (published to you), but February maybe a stronger event. I will of course let you know as and when have more time to study it and I will.   Have a great year, be strong, Be Safe Be Good! E.P.

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