Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Around Kathmandu.

In a previous post here we showed you that the above map is all the >5R earthquakes. We have here only focused around Kathmandu. What we have here is lots of dots that make you dizzy. Well statisticians will tell you this is RANDOM! Ha! As random is any of us! There is NOTHING RANDOM in this world, this is my conclusion of the long scientific experience I have. We can use statistics but statistics are good as long as they fit the dots. Statistics do not explain why. Just observations and lucky to get some laws from it. Stats is a useful tool it does not explain reality, it should help us find it. Anyway,  what a mess in the map! I hear you say! Well, it does look like it. But there is order in the madness. The map above we fit a set of lines with at least 4 points via each line. Four earthquakes nearly in a straight line. This is shown below.

This map is the original red dot earthquake epicenters and simple straight lines via them. (each with 4 points at least). I have also boxed in Kathmandu so as we can see whats going on where! It looks like trajectories of bullets around Kathmandu! In fact I will not be surprised if the lines trace or follow in part at least some fault lines. It shows how the stresses develop. Interestingly it is a close shave for Kathmandu so far, the lines do not go through. Anyway someone could do a better job in drawing fewer lies perhaps. I thought this is interesting to share it with you. Keep Smiling!

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