Saturday, January 21, 2017

3.3R in Eastern Turkey! <---As predicted spot on

Nothing to write home about due to the small magnitude here. Only 3.3R but we got the coordinates correct. This makes this interesting. We posted here in a post that this event was due on 20th January.......Turkey  (38.5N, 38.9E)....It has come this morning only an hour late. Things are improving on the coordinate front.


ML 3.3
Date time2017-01-21 01:02:07.5 UTC
Location38.12 N ; 38.51 E
Depth7 km
Distances154 km NE of Gaziantep, Turkey / pop: 1,066,000 / local time: 03:02:07.5 2017-01-21
31 km SE of Malatya, Turkey / pop: 442,000 / local time: 03:02:07.5 2017-01-21
13 km NW of Sincik, Turkey / pop: 7,200 / local time: 03:02:07.5 2017-01-21
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