Sunday, December 25, 2016

Which Country Tomorrow? (26th December 2016)

With Christmas Day not over yet, we would like to give a pointer or two on tomorrow's 26th December 2016 possible events.
25th December has been a special day this year with a 7.7R earthquake in Chile.
Tomorrow however, 26th December, we have the following planetary notables:  Jupiter OPPOSITE Uranus, and heliocentrically Jupiter quincunx Venus and Jupiter quincunx Neptune.
What about earthquakes? Our methodology, based on Fibonacci Mathematics, give us a clue as to the following locations/regions where we have vulnerability to receive an earthquake.

  • Chile (aftershocks)
  • Greece
  • Fiji
  • Nepal (if not on 25th)
  • New Zealand (small)
  • Japan peaks on 27th 
  • Mexico
  • Pakistan/Afghanistan
  • Oklahoma 
  • Japan
  • Italy
  • Mexico

Be Safe Be Good!

You can read our methodology here

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