Monday, December 26, 2016

Today's Earthquake Update

It is 14:12 GMT 26th December 2016 and here is an update of today's events.  The start of the day has been quiet in magnitude but within an hour and 42 minutes in the morning we have had the majority of the earthquakes >4R so far!! Amazingly only one 5.1R was registered in Philippines. We have had four aftershocks in Chile up to a magnitude 4.7R. Between 4 and 5R events we have had in Mexico Japan FIji, Solomon Islands and PNG to mention a few. We can see that it is now over 7hours and 35 minutes since the last 4.7R earthquake!! This is like waiting for the storm.
In Nepal, where our method has shown to expect an decent event we have had nothing even today. Although the indications were there that even if it would come it would be very low magnitude. Let us hope so.  Overall therefore a very quiet day after the major event yesterday of 7.7R in Chile.
Be Safe Be Good!

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