Monday, December 5, 2016

The Sun today

A recurrent coronal hole feature is moving across the Earth facing side of the sun and will become geoeffective beginning December 7th. Enhanced geomagnetic activity, including minor (G1) storm conditions will be possible after December 7th when a high speed solar wind stream is expected to arrive past Earth. Perhaps some good news ahead for aurora sky watchers. More updates to follow this week. Image below courtesy of SDO/AIA.
Coronal Holes #40/42/43 were previously facing Earth in mid November and are now turning back into Earth view. The middle latitude extention of this hole may become geoeffective after December 7th or 8th. All of these holes may possibly be combined into one common CH designation. Increased geomagnetic activity may be possible at higher latitudes once a high speed solar wind stream arrives.

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