Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Indonesia earthquake: Rescue workers search for survivors among the rubble

Thousands of people in the Indonesian province of Aceh are taking refuge for the night in mosques and temporary shelters after a strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake that killed at least 97 people.
More than 600 people are injured and over 200 buildings are damaged, dozens of which have been destroyed completely.

Search and rescue efforts  were hampered by power blackouts and rain, but officials aim to continue looking for survivors throughout the night.
Officials are focusing the search on 10 locations where victims are believed to be trapped.

First pictures are emerging of the devastating 6.5 earthquake on the Aceh province. 

Source: YouTube/Wardan Fuadi

Clean water and hygiene kits are the priority for the Indonesian Red Cross are who have dispatched five water trucks to worst hit areas.
Other supplies included body bags, tarpaulins and fuel containers, a spokesman for Red Cross said.
Possible health risks in the quake area are still being assessed.
No tsunami warnings have been issued but local people are on edge.
One woman, Siti Rukiah, sheltered in a local mosques with her four children after feeling their home for higher ground.
"I don't want to return home tonight, not only because my house is damaged, but I am still afraid an aftershock could cause a tsunami," said Ms Rukiah.
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