Sunday, December 18, 2016

Greece tomorrow?

Tomorrow we expect some activity in Greece. A medium strength of 4.5R is expected in one of the two locations shown in the map.

The first location is (40.21N,23.3E) just inside Albania and if it arrives it should come early in the morning at 02:30 GMT, the other possibility is in Kefalonia, (38.1N, 20.3E) see below.

 The Kefalonia event if it happens could be in (38.1N, 20.3E) and if it arrives it will come at about 06:30 GMT. Not so clear which one will show up. All dates are +-1 day normally.our

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1 comment :

  1. Magnitude M 4.2
    Region ALBANIA
    Date time 2016-12-19 00:19:48.7 UTC
    Location 40.69 N ; 19.62 E
    Depth 0 km
    Distances 73 km S of Tirana, Albania / pop: 375,000 / local time: 01:19:48.7 2016-12-19
    7 km SE of Fier, Albania / pop: 56,300 / local time: 01:19:48.7 2016-12-19
    6 km NW of Patos Fshat, Albania / pop: 22,700 / local time: 01:19:48.7 2016-12-19