Saturday, December 17, 2016

BREAKING: Tsunami warning as magnitude 8 earthquake strikes off coast of Papua New Guinea

The US Geological Survey reported the magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck 97.5miles east of Rabual, Papua New Guinea this morning.
It comes after a huge tear the size of Tasmania was confirmed in the Ring of Fire sparking fears that deadly earthquakes and tsunamis could destroy the region.
The exposed fault on the sea floor, which is some 60,000 square kilometres in size, was found north of Australia.
The Ring of Fire is the largest and most active fault line in the world, stretching from New Zealand, all around the east coast of Asia, over to Canada and the USA and all the way down to the southern tip of South America.
A sudden slip of a tectonic plate now could lead to one of the largest earthquakes in history and spark mega-tsunamis.
The earthquake comes just weeks after  tsunami warnings were issued in the region following a series of quakes near the Solomon Islands.
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