Thursday, December 29, 2016

Injection well opponents protest anniversary of Youngstown earthquake

New Year's Eve marks the 5 year anniversary of the 4.0 magnitude earthquake that was linked to a fracking waste injection well in Youngstown. 
Thursday afternoon, supporters of Frackfree America held a prayer vigil to look back on the 2011 Earthquake but also to look forward on possible injection wells reopening that are used to dispose of oil and gas drilling waste. 
Frackfree America National Coalition Co-Founder, Jane Spies said, “We don't want that one to open. We don't want any of them to open seriously because its just not a safe way to get rid of waste.”
There is one injection well in Coitsville and another in the Weathersfield that may re-open.
“They seem to want to put it here in our area and we don't want it here because we don't think its safe. We've already had numerous earthquakes”, said Spies. 
Frackfree America Supporters have their concerns about possible re-openings of injection wells but the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Oil and Gas Division says they have made improvements over the last five years to prevent man made earthquakes.
According to ODNR there are currently 17 active injection wells in Trumbull County and 5 in Mahoning County that are being monitored by real time seismic activity monitors. 

ODNR Oil and Gas Division Spokesperson said, “If a monitor detects an event we can be notified via our system in a matter of minutes. So with that data and better technology we are then able to make a regulatory decision then in order to shut down an injection well.”
In addition to the 7 Trumbull County and 8 Mahoning county seismic monitors ODNR passed comprehensive regulations that cap the maximum allowable injection pressure at each well, but Frackfree America still has concerns. 
Spies said, “When they say they are going to monitor this and regulate this you can't regulate earthquakes you just can't and it's too big of a risk to public health and safety.”
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