Sunday, November 13, 2016

Which country tomorrow? (14th November 2016)

Which countries have an increased chance for an earthquake tomorrow? Using our method, we have for 14th November the following places:
  • New Zealand (aftershocks)
  • Solomon Islands
  • PNG (it did come on 13th, so chances are smaller to get here another)
  • Oklahoma
  • Mexico
  • California
  • Fiji (although we did get an event today it could repeat tomorrow smaller chance)
  • Greece 
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  1. As of this time I am posting this, only Solomon Islands has not arrived yet. Oklahoma just arrived so we will see if Solomon arrives later.

  2. Why are these postings a day late. It is the 15th november

    1. They are not late. I read the date posted 13th Nov, (a day early) a comment on 14th Nov and your posting 15th Nov. What is the problem?