Saturday, November 19, 2016

When Greece sneezes Italy coughs!

Just because we are in a free giving mood, but also simply revealing the awesome power of our methods, we show here with a pile of evidence and for the FIRST time that The ITALIAN 6.5R Earthquake emanated from Greek past earthquakes.
The map below shows >5R earthquakes this year in the Med Region, to prior the Italian earthquakes.
The yellow colour earthquake in Italy is the ones creating so much damage and casualties.
At the same time we have in red the location of the Greek Earthquakes prior to it this year. Without much effort we fitted not one but THREE fibo sets as shown with seeds at the quakes encircled.  Well not much to it AND Bingo! THEY ALL CONVERGE via the YELLOW dot in Italy. (near enough).
When we have clustering ...oh boy....this is like a MAGNET!!!!

Be Safe Be Good!

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