Friday, November 25, 2016

NEPAL tomorrow???

Well this time of the month that Nepal is likely to show activity, so we give you what we get from our analysis if this helps a little. I have said before that when Mexico strikes on the day then Nepal is much LESS likely to go off. So we keep an eye on Mexico to have a yardstick as to the increased or decreased possibility of an event in Nepal.
ASSUMING it comes, the two likely spots (difficult to separate) are shown in the map above.

Location:    (27.47N,  85.16E),  or/and (27.57N, 85.16E)  South of Kathmandu

When: 26th Nov. 2016 -27th Nov. 2016 

 Time: For tomorrow possible times 12:30GMT 17:13GMT or 17:58GMT are possible times,   
           but if it comes on 27th then the times will be different. 

 Magnitude: Difficult to tell this one I expect around 4.5-5R.

Be Safe Be Good!

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