Sunday, November 27, 2016

Italy Triple/Quads

Here we have another example of more to see later I hope of double and triple/quad events as predicted yesterday. Since todays events so far have been low magnitude, it is expected the doubles/triples to be lower normally. So this is exactly what we see in Italy here. A quad event tailor made to spec.

And....before some clever clog comes up with the usual argument.....I know these are small events for those who try to catch the big chickens but nothing is left to chance as some are forcing you to believe. Nothing is chance in my opinion, we just not there yet in understanding it sometimes. The tragic thing is those who apply chance maths on earthquakes, for example, demand that they know and force their ideas and destroy new ones. It is sad that sometimes science does what the inquisition used to do to science new ideas during the 16th century.
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